I'm Jane Ruttkayova. After coming to Canada I realized no one can pronounce my last name, so it's just Jane R or Janer. 🙂

I fell in love with photography at the age of 12. It happened suddenly and unexpectedly. From then on I was joining photography and yearbook clubs and taking photography classes in high school.  This gave me exposure to film photography and the dark room - that's always fun! You should try it sometime. Now it's all digital, but still a lot of fun and I really enjoy the creative process involved. After getting a degree in Therapeutic Recreation, getting married and moving to Ottawa I continued my photography education at Algonquin College.

Fun facts:

- I was the only student in my Grade 12 photography class. Normally, the class would be cancelled due to lack of students, but I had a great teacher that made it happen.

- The only two animals I ever wanted were a dog and a horse. I got a puppy for my 15th birthday (we named him Woofy) and I'm still waiting for my horse (preferably the Icelandic type).

- I like to travel with my husband Ben. Together we visited 26 countries and some of our favourite cities are Chiang Mai, Hanoi, Seoul, Byron Bay, Sydney, Ubud & Barcelona. Hopefully many more to come.


So are we a good fit? I think so! I'm super friendly and I don't bite. 😉 So let's talk about your photography needs. Email me at janerphotography@gmail.com or through the contact form.