Rukiya & Emily | Cube Gallery Wedding

I recently blogged the engagement session of this lovely couple, so if you missed it definitely check it out here because Rukiya and Emily were such great sports, up for anything and our hour together just flew by!

On their wedding day, the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, we woke up to a very gloomy, rainy weather. Of course, it wasn't going to ruin the day for the happy couple as nothing could ruin their good mood. Rukiya and Emily enjoyed a leisurely morning together and slowly started getting ready for the big day with the help of their close family and good friends.

As I arrived at their place the sun showed up! Perfect timing because we headed down to the Ottawa River to take their beautiful portraits. Go ahead and take a minute to admire their attire and just how adorable they look together. 🙂

The sweet ceremony took place in the heart of Westboro at the local, contemporary Cube Gallery. It was small, intimate and very emotional (there were tears, but also lots of laughter) as Rukiya and Emily professed their love and vowed to be there for each other forever. Right after the glowing couple danced their way down the aisle, hugs and kisses from everyone followed (took a while because there was a LOT of love here). 🙂 Yummy food was assembled potluck-style in the upper space of the gallery and guests were happily socializing, eating, drinking, photobooth-ing and later in the night dancing. Oh and sweet, sweet speeches (can't forget those). See if you can spot a bit of a theme going on at this wedding. 😉 If not, I reveal the theme at the end of this post (keep scrolling!). What a great bunch of people gathered in one spot! 😀 And the theme of the party...Lord of the Rings! Thanks for making it all the way down the post and big THANKS goes out to Rukiya and Emily for being amazing clients. I enjoyed working with you both tremendously and I hope our paths will cross again!