Lucka & Onko | Czech Winery Wedding

After 9 years of dating, my big brother took his girlfriend as his lawfully wedded wife. 🙂 And what an incredible weekend that was!

Now, I'll have you know that my family is a ton of fun (and that's a fact, in my biased opinion), so  we started the party on Friday when we arrived at the venue - Krysa Winery located in the Southeast part of Czech Republic. And what do you do at a winery on the eve of a wedding? You take part in a wine tasting, of course! (There may or may not have been 8 different wines tested.)

On Saturday morning, the preparations started right after breakfast and went something like this. 🙂

First look of surprise was next and onto portraits and driving through the countryside to find the perfect photo spots. Scroll through to see my brother's sense of humour. 😉 The Catholic ceremony took place in a little church in the village of Kostelec (interesting fact: the root of the word Kostelec actually means church). Back at the winery the bride and groom took part in some wedding traditions. Sweeping up a broken plate, choosing between a shot of vodka and water (the person that chooses the vodka wears the pants in the marriage), and chopping a piece of wood. Quick, yummy dinner and then the party started!

Check out the senior lady with crutches up in the air dancing up a storm - that's my grandma!! 😀 Love her!

If you made it all the way down this long post. Congrats! 😀