Emily & Rukiya | Arboretum Engagement

Rukiya, Emily and I met at a local coffee shop to see if we're a good fit for each other. They were planning a small, intimate wedding with their closest friends and family, which was exactly up my alley, and we just clicked instantly - how perfect! 🙂

Not long after our initial consultation we planned to do the engagement photos. So the day came, it was a Friday evening, and I got on the bus to get to the Arboretum. I sat down at the nearest available seat and my neighbour turned out to be Rukiya! 😀 It was nice chatting with her for a bit and learning more about the wedding and her family before we met Emily by Dow's Lake.

And the rest of our time together is documented below. It was truly a pleasure to spend an hour with Rukiya & Emily.

Thank you for being so easy-going, up for anything and so much fun!